Wallis McClain

Profile Updated: August 4, 2014
Residing In: Washington, DC USA
Spouse/Partner: Rainer Arndt
Occupation: A semi-retired environmental consultant
Children/Grandchildren: None, but three nephews who are all studying to be Nobel laureates. And a niece who has provided the More…amazing William Douglas Rowland, age 0.67 years as of December 2012.
What did you do after leaving BHS?

More than anyone will ever want to know follows. Continue reading at your own risk.

Vanderbilt U 1962-1966
Washington U (St. Louis) 1966-1971 (dropped out of a PhD program in German Lit after I decided I didn't like German, German Lit, and most of the profs in the department)
Worked for the St. Louis/St. Louis County juvenile court systems until 1974, when I went back to grad school, this time in journalism at U of Missouri-Columbia.
Moved to DC in 1976, working for a small publisher of inside-the-beltway newsletters. (The publisher was a journalistic giant and an entrepreneurial naif: the business went bankrupt -- but I got out relatively soon after my paychecks started bouncing.)
I went to work for BNA in 1979 and have been there ever since. I am currently manager of our global environmental information services and also work with our marketing team.

I live on Capitol Hill with two cats, and have been in a relationship for the last year. The cats are brother and sister (litter mates) and were born in Bahrain. The American family that found them brought them back with them and then discarded them at the SPCA. The point of this story is not, however, their biographies, but the fact that they are 12 years old and cannot stand each other. I have to separate them in different areas of the house and give them a daily dose of Prozac. Anyone want a pair sweet pussy cats? (jk) (Update: George the Cat died of metastatic lung cancer two years ago. His sibling Lucia lives on, and has assumed a position as mistress of the domain.)

I haven't had a proper vacation in about two years, since I went to Thailand and Australia in 2007. I try to get to London at least once a year, and usually stay with friends there.

In April 2012 I retired from BNA and went to work for an environmental consulting firm. It was a move meant to ease my transition to full retirement. Sometime in 2013 I may make the big move and disassociate myself from any form of employment.

UPDATE: in 2013, I finally retired for good (I think). Rainer and I took a spectacular trip to Paris in the spring of 2014. We leased a flat in Le Marais, a great location. We rented bicycles and rode all over the city, even in the rain. Food was great everywhere we ate, and we had one magnificent splurge at Le Cinq restaurant in the George V Hotel. Looking forward to more traveling in the fall.

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Wallis McClain has a birthday today.
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Typical terrible passport photo.
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Candid shot of me doing one of my favorite things: cooking.